How we work

Companies that fit our model well

We love working with founders and welcome all engagement with businesses seeking non-dilutive funding. Our mandate is likely to expand into new geographies as we grow, but for now we are looking for businesses that:

  • Are headquartered in, or have operations in South Africa
  • Are revenue-generative and have been in operation for at least 3 years with actively paying customers
  • Have a strong founding and leadership team with the expertise and appetite to grow and scale
  • Are gross profit and/or net profit positive
  • Have an accounting system and a finance function
  • Have competitive positioning in the market and are well-positioned to scale
  • Have a strong “north star” toward growth and impact. We love companies that create jobs, enable access for underserved communities, promote under-represented founders and staff and aim to significantly shift their environments for the better.

At this stage we are not able to invest in companies that:

  • Are not active in South Africa
  • Are very early stage and have not established product-market fit
  • Are in “sin” industries (gambling, tobacco, etc) or in primary agriculture or primary mining.